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ACCA MRA Application Process

For ACCA members

How to become a member of the CGA Association Under the Mutual Recognition Agreement

Initial Application Process


ACCA members wishing to be admitted as a member of the CGA Association through the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must have obtained membership into ACCA through the completion of the ACCA Professional or Part 3 examinations, and met required experience. Members who obtained membership into ACCA through an MRA with another professional body are not eligible to become a member of the Association pursuant to this MRA.

  2. Must not have any outstanding ethics complaints, nor have been subject to any disciplinary sanctions within the five (5) years prior to their application.

  3. Applicants admitted as members by ACCA after July 31, 1998, must have a degree from a post-secondary institution recognized by the CGA Association.

As an ACCA member eligible to seek CGA membership you are required to meet all the following requirements:

  1. Complete the online Overview of Canadian Tax and Law course.  For information about transfer credits contact the appropriate CGA office.

  2. Meet any other admission requirements as imposed by the CGA Association or under law.

Application Process

Step 1: Log in to or create an account in CGA Ontario's online services.

Step 2: Select MRA Application and follow the online instructions.

Step 3: Contact ACCA and request a Membership Status Letter.

Step 4: Submit your completed application form along with the membership Status Letter from ACCA. ACCAs resident in Canada and Hong Kong must apply through the CGA Association where they reside. ACCAs resident outside Canada (except Hong Kong) must apply through CGA Canada International in Vancouver. See attached address list.

Step 5: Contact your university to have an official sealed transcript sent directly to the Association (where applicable).

Step 6: Complete the online Overview of Canadian Income Taxation and Law course and submit the certificate of completion. If a transfer credit is granted by the Association, provide official sealed transcripts from the post-secondary institution. (This may be provided with your initial application form submission.)

Step 7: Once the above information has been provided and approved by the Association, you will be invited to complete and submit an application for membership. Your application must include payment of the application for membership fee and annual dues. When your application has been approved, you will be notified of your admission to membership and have the right to use the CGA designation.

Ongoing designation

Members admitted under the terms of this MRA are required to maintain their originating designation. This includes payment of annual dues and annual reporting of CPD. If, for any reason, a member ceases to hold his or her originating designation, the member shall automatically cease to be a member of the other body under this MRA.

Public Practice requirements

Admission as a member under this MRA does not automatically provide a member with the right to work in public practice. Members will be required to meet the Association’s entry to public practice requirements in their respective jurisdiction.