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Seeing More Than Numbers

The CGA designation is the fastest growing accounting designation in Canada, with more than 90 per cent of CGAs accrediting their competitive advantage and success to the designation.  alt text here

Certified General Accountants look beyond the numbers to see the big picture – They see more than the numbers that support your business. They see the people behind those numbers and the important roles that they play. CGAs provide you and your business with a financial perspective that identifies opportunity and yields and sustainable growth for future success.

They are highly skilled accounting professionals who provide forward-thinking financial management and business expertise. CGAs have the education and training required to address important financial and business decisions specific to strategic leadership, efficiency and productivity, sustainability and financial risk management, for businesses of every size and sector.


CGAs are a select group of financial professionals occupying key positions within every sector of the economy. As controllers, financial analysts, directors of finance, CFOs, CEOs, presidents of businesses and more, CGAs are integral to high-performing management teams. CGAs provide key insights into financial statements and reports, participate in business acquisitions, develop tax strategies, perform financial analyses and forecasts, implement systems, and oversee internal accounting processes.


CGAs hold respected positions within the education sector, ranging from professor to financial analyst to policy adviser. As teachers, CGAs share their sound knowledge of accounting, financial management and business practice. In other positions they lead in the financial management of academic and research activities.


CGAs employed in government are auditors, senior financial officers, management advisers and directors of finance whose responsibilities include preparation and analysis of annual operating budget documents and regulatory reports, establishing systems for integrated financial reporting, auditing, and ensuring operating efficiencies.

Information technology

Ongoing mandatory professional development makes CGAs highly effective in information technology, a rapidly evolving sector, where positions range from consultant to product support specialists, to manager of change and configuration, to controller. Specialized services include developing systems and software solutions to adapt to change.


In the not-for-profit sector, CGAs hold positions as executive directors, directors of finance, and managers of finance and administration, among others. Their responsibilities may include managing departmental operations, conducting performance evaluations and strategic business planning for cost-reduction measures to improve net income.

Public practice

In public practice, as partners, accountants, auditors and owners, CGAs offer varied services, including strategic tax planning and preparation, preparing audits and financial statements, financial planning, succession and estate planning, systems implementation, business start-up, and providing financial advice.