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alt text hereAs previously announced, CGA Ontario is unifying with CPA Ontario and the CGA program of professional studies will end in September 2015. Final unification of the profession in Ontario will come with the introduction of a new Chartered Professional Accountants Act, which CPA Ontario will seek from the Government of Ontario as soon as possible. CGAs became members of CPA Ontario in July 2014.

The organizations are now working to integrate operations. Students in the CGA program will continue in the CGA program until September 2015, at which time those with academic requirements remaining will have the opportunity to transfer to the CPA program.

The CGA program respects and accommodates your personal learning style, career goals and lifestyle. There are numerous options available for integrating learning and advancement. Enjoy unique opportunities to tailor your professional studies to complement your interests, experiences and desired career path. In the certification level, there are 14 career specialties from which to choose. They span every industry — including corporate and small- to medium-sized enterprises, information technology, government and not-for-profit, and public practice — to meet the needs of every accounting professional in every sector.

Use the information contained in this section to select your courses. Course descriptions are found in the Syllabus, while information about program requirements, lecture schedules and much more is available on the pages that follow.