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2018 Common Final Examination (CFE) Enrolment Instructions

Review the step-by-step instructions for enrolling in the CFE.

Enrolment Overview

  1. Log in to the CFE enrolment portal.
  2. Verify your CPA Ontario Student Record information.
  3. Complete the Consent and Declaration sections.
  4. Select the Elective Depth area for the CFE.
  5. Select the Capstone 1 Case for the CFE.
  6. Select the Location for writing the CFE.
  7. Select “Enrol.”

Fee Payment

Select your desired method of payment from the options available:

Visa or MasterCard

  • Select "M - Member or Student" from the Registrant Class drop down menu and "continue to check-out".
  • Confirm the payment total is correct:
  Examination Fee HST Total payable by May 31, 2018
Day 1,2,3 $1500.00 $195.00 $1695.00
Day 2 & 3 $1150.00 $149.50 $1299.50
Day 1 $650.00 $650.00 $734.50

  • Enter your credit card information and select "continue to check-out."
  • If you receive an error message upon credit card submission, do not re-enter your card information. Please contact CPA Ontario for assistance at call 1 800 387.0735. 
  • Log out by selecting “Logout."
  • To access payment confirmation, log back in and select "Confirmation of Enrolment". Print this confirmation for your records.

Cheque or EFT Payment

  • Select "SCHQ-Cheque Payment" from the “Registrant Class” drop down menu and select "Continue to check-out".
  • Review your selection and select "check-out." The total will show $0.00.
  • Log out by selecting “Logout."
  • Log back in to the portal and select "Confirmation of Enrolment." Print this confirmation for your records.
  • Mail your Confirmation of Enrolment along with your cheque to CPA Ontario.
  • Please note that the cheque must be dated and received by Friday, May 31, 2018.
  • Make your cheque payable to “CPA Ontario” and mail it to:

Attn: Finance
Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
25 York Street, Suite 1100, Toronto, ON M5J 2V5