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Step 3. Register as a Student

If you are eligible to enrol in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) or preparatory course(s), your transcript assessment results will include instructions on how to register as a student with CPA Ontario.

There are several student registration categories, so ensure you select the correct category and applicable fees to avoid a delay.

You must register and be approved as a student prior to enrolling in any course, module or exam. Processing your registration will take up to 10 business days; incomplete registration applications may cause delays.

If you have ever been deregistered as a Student with CPA Ontario, or any of the legacy bodies in the past please do not complete the student registration application. Email to inquire about steps for reregistration.

Please note that there is an initial non-refundable administration fee of $125 plus HST in addition to the fees listed below.

NEW Reduced Student Dues: The reduced Annual Student Dues (ASD) is now available to all full-time undergraduate students. 

*Students are required to pay the Annual Student Due upon registration, and annually thereafter, to maintain their status as a student with CPA Ontario.

Note: If you are registered in good standing with a CPA provincial body, you must register under one of the above registration categories.

Apply to Register

  1. Log in to the CPA Ontario student portal using the login information provided in your transcript assessment results. The first time you log in you will be required to create a password.

    If you do not have your login information, please contact Customer Service or call 1 800 387.0735 (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.).

  2. Complete the online CPA Ontario student registration form by selecting the correct category from the list above, make the necessary declarations and answers all questions pertaining to good character and bankruptcy.

  3. Select and pay the appropriate registration fees and the annual student due associated with your category.  Payment must be made online using a VISA, MasterCard, debit or via company cheque from your employer by using the ‘pay by employer’ option.

An applicant will not be registered if they:

  • Fail to provide any information or document required under Regulation 9-1 (including not responding to requests for additional information within 60 days).
  • Provide information or a document that is false or misleading (unless that the omission, falsehood, or misleading information is not material and that it was made inadvertently).
  • Put the public at risk, or bring the reputation of the profession into disrepute.
  • Are not legally entitled to be employed and/or study in Ontario.

Please see Regulation 9-1 for additional details.

Matter of Good Character and Credibility

Where an applicant does not provide evidence of good character satisfactory to the Registrar or Vice President, Student Services, the matter will be referred to an oral hearing before the Admission and Registration Committee. An individual may withdraw their application for registration at any time, including if a referral to the Admission and Registration Committee.

At the time of registration or at any point while an active student, in circumstances where evaluation of an application requires assessment of the applicant’s credibility, the Registrar or Vice President, Student Services will refer the matter to an oral hearing before the Admission and Registration Committee.

The Admission and Registration Committee can make an order refusing the applicant’s registration, or may impose terms and conditions if appropriate.

Please see Regulation 9-1 for details.


Applicants and students are required to disclose matters of bankruptcy to the Registrar or Vice-President of Student Services. After the relevant information is collected, an application can be accepted, denied or have to abide by one or more terms or conditions. Please see Regulation 9-1 for details.

Appealing registration decisions

An applicant who is refused registration can be appeal that decision. Please see Regulation 9-1 for details.


A Student who has been deregistered shall not be reregistered except in extraordinary circumstances, or under the terms and conditions imposed on the student by the Admission and Registration Committee, or the Appeal Committee. Please see Regulation 9-1 for details.

Reapplications After Refusal of Registration

For applicants who are refused registration because of their inability to satisfy one of the registration categories may re-apply when they’re able to satisfy those conditions. In all other cases, an applicant must wait five years to reapply, subject to any terms and conditions imposed on their refusal to register.

Access to Records Policy

For more information on how to access your records, please see our Access to Records Policy.

Requests to consider alternative documentation

In extraordinary circumstances where required documents are not obtainable for reasons beyond their control, applicants can take steps to explore acceptable alternative documentation. Requests to consider alternative documents are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact Student Services at for more information prior to submitting your application.

Registration applications take approximately 10 business days to process. Incomplete applications where additional information and/or documentation is required will take longer to complete. If your employer will be paying for your student registration; your application will remain pending until payment has been received and processed. CPA Ontario will then contact you via email with confirmation and instructions on how to enrol in a course, module or exam. See registration submission deadlines on the 2018 CPA PEP Schedule and 2018 Preparatory Course Schedule, give yourself plenty of time prior to a deadline to ensure you do not miss this.

After registering as a student, you can proceed to Step 4 to enrol in a course, module or exam, and Step 5 to begin reporting your practical experience. Steps 4 and 5 can be completed in any order or simultaneously.

Please note that pro-rated dues are available from July 1 to December 31. If you submit your registration before July 1, you will be subject to paying full dues. Once your registration is submitted no refunds will be authorized

Appeal Rights

A decision of the Registrar or Vice President Student Services not to register or reregister an individual as a student, or to deregister a student, may be appealed by the individual or student to CPA Ontario Admission and Registration Committee. The parties to an appeal are the individual appealing and the Registrar or Vice President Student Services (as applicable). The appeal shall be conducted in accordance with CPA Ontario's Rules of Practice and Procedure. The decision of the Admission and Registration Committee is final.


Once you've received confirmation of your registration, proceed to Step 4
Step 4