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Become a CPA Ontario Insider Today!

Everyday we look for new ways to incorporate your feedback into our decision-making and improve your member experience. As part of our response to the 2017 Member Survey, we are excited to announce the launch of Insiders, an exclusive member community that utilizes online surveys to give you a voice at the table.

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As an insider, you will...

CPA Ontario Insiders Benefits

Your Feedback Matters

As members, your participation is what drives CPA Ontario forward. By becoming an Insider and sharing your feedback through monthly online surveys, you’ll become part of an exclusive community that impacts the direction of new initiatives. We’ll use your input in the development of better events, tools and programming, as well as improve the experience for members.

We ask for your candor, your inspiration and your advice as you provide your thoughts on projects and services we have in development. Sharing what you think will help us test new ideas, fine-tune offerings and, overall, support you better. Join Insiders today!

CPA Ontario Insiders Prize