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Firm Updates

Firm Updates

Changes in practice, composition or structure

Firm Remittance: 2019-2020 Annual Membership Dues (AMD)

Firm’s paying AMD on behalf of their employees are required to remit payment by June 1. Payments received between June 2 and 30 are subject to late dues. Please use Google Chrome. Other browsers are not supported.

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Firm Updates

Members and firms are reminded of section 10.2.5 of the By-law which requires a firm to notify the Registrar in writing of any significant change in practice, composition or structure before the change takes place or within 30 days of the change, failing which, the rights and privileges of the member and firm may be suspended by the Registrar. A change can include but is not limited to, a merger, acquisition, closure or dissolution of a firm.

In order to effect any such changes with CPA Ontario, the firm representative can submit their required firm update. Go to My Portal, select Firm Dashboard and then Appropriate Firm. Now Click on Firm Requests and select New Requests. Choose the Request that best suits your update. To update Firm information and contacts, go to My Portal, select Firm Dashboard and then Appropriate Firms. Now click on Firm Profile and select Firm Information or Firm Contacts.